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Is the iPhone expensive?

Recent studies conducted in the United States reveal that the price of the iPhone could cause potential customers of the device to end up giving it up due to its high price. TUAW

In my opinion, 500 dollars is a lot of money, although there are analysts who say that the price could be regulated for a wider market and therefore lowered to be more competitive if the mobile phone is successful among the “early adopters”, that is, the first buyers. Following this line of thought, the key to another “halo effect” such as the one that occurred with the iPod is that it should be a product that reaches the general public, a product that offers many advantages over other devices and that will cause many users to decide to buy it, and based on the results of this survey, it will be difficult in the first place. There is also speculation about substantial reductions through possible contract plans with the most restrictive operators , that is, with greater permanence conditions. Another possibility, more remote is clear, is that Apple decided to reduce a little the starting price of the device at the time of its launch, as it is known that they have margin for it, although if Jobs jumped to the stage with those numbers, by Apple, I think there will be little change , another thing are the operators and their sales strategies and that is another: we still have no idea which operators will distribute the iPhone in Europe, so we can’t really predict what will happen when it’s marketed.

Is the iPhone expensive?
Is the iPhone expensive?

At the moment I’m still the same as a few months ago, although there are many factors why I would buy the device (user interface, functionality of several gadgets in one, Coverflow, Wifi, video player… ), there are some among them the price that make me doubt. But until June, when it will start to be marketed in the USA, we can’t know the truth and the whole truth, besides, it is not expected to arrive to Europe until next Autumn, so the wait for knowing more details and having more basis to decide, can take forever.

In any case, the current price, 499 dollars for the 4GB version and 599 dollars for the 8GB version, plus a two-year contract with Cingular, seems to me like most people in the survey somewhat expensive to make a final decision. Will you be “early adopters” or on the contrary will you wait a little bit to see if the price drops and I include more pursuits like 3G?


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