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Is the iPhone 8 innovative enough?

Los casos de virus en Mac han aumentado en los últimos años

La integración del Touch ID en la pantalla es otro de los aspectos que se ha ido rumoreando en las últimas semanas. Sin duda, se trata de una tarea difícil y costosa debido al reducido espacio que hay entre los diferentes componentes.

Is the iPhone 8 innovative enough?
Is the iPhone 8 innovative enough?

En conclusión, los ingenieros de la compañía están realizando una tarea extraordinaria en lanzar nuevas tecnologías que funcionen correctamente desde su primer lanzamiento y que a la par resulten cómodas al usuario. Y es que el departamento de I+D de Apple nunca descansa.

¿Piensas que el nuevo iPhone 8 es innovador?

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Since approximately October, all eyes have been on the next renewal of Cupertino’s: the long awaited iPhone 8 . This terminal is intended to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first model , so this is a device full of new features, as has been leaked over the months.

Aspects such as OLED technology or wireless charging would be some of the company’s new implementations. On the other hand, the design would be of vital importance to break with the traditional aesthetics of the iPhone that has not been renewed for so many years.

In this case, the reduction of the edges and the increase of the screen would be the fundamental pattern of the new design. Following Apple’s philosophy I’m very sure that the terminal will be comfortable in your hands. Something that not all companies can boast when applying innovative designs.

If we analyze the current market, there are already mobiles that have been applying OLED technology for years. As is the case with Samsung or Oneplus. In terms of design, it could easily be compared with the new family of Samsung S8. So, is the new iPhone terminal innovative?

From my point of view, the new iPhone is indeed innovative . Although Samsung’s OLED screen is very good, Cupertino’s manage to get the maximum performance possible from the technologies . This is why, in the case of the screens, IPS technology has given very good results to those in California. For this reason, Apple has decided to delay the application of OLED technology until it can be developed in a totally secure manner.

The concept of design has evolved together with the needs of the consumer. For years, the market has been pursuing the idea of edge reduction . In this respect, Apple could be considered one of the first to implement it together with Samsung.

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