Is the iPhone 5 really the most hated phone and the Samsung Galaxy S4 the most loved?

A few days ago the British tabloid Daily Mail published the article “Study finds Apple’s iPhone 5 is the most hated phone while most people love the Samsung Galaxy S4”. With a headline with such a hook, it’s no wonder that the news has spread like wildfire through hundreds of media outlets until it reached ABC television. But is the world’s best-selling phone really the most hated? How is that possible? Who says so?

The source is none other than We Are Social, an online marketing and communication agency that “helps brands to engage in social media, to listen, understand and participate in the conversations that occur around them. who shared his appearance in the English newspaper on Twitter with joy and who in the past has worked closely with Samsung Mobile on campaigns such as the Galaxy Note.

Is the iPhone 5 really the most hated phone and the Samsung Galaxy S4 the most loved?
Is the iPhone 5 really the most hated phone and the Samsung Galaxy S4 the most loved?

The funny thing is that in reality it is not even necessary to build a conspiracy theory as probable as this is, especially considering the history of Samsung and the cuts in sales expectations of the Galaxy S4 just a few months after its release. No, we just need to look again at the study in question:

iPhone 5Galaxy S4Lumia 920BlackBerry Z10Launch Day Conversations1,700,000140,00045,000300,000Brand Interest

Conversation around the brand itself 42%20%41%41%Brand criticism
Comments on marks with negative connotations 20%11%15%18%Characteristics

Conversations on the news and features of the phone 29%56%37%27%

We Are Social analyses conversations on Twitter, blogs and online forums and although the parameters or depth of the study are not clear, following this table we can quickly see that the number of conversations on launch day about the iPhone 5 exceeded that of the Galaxy S4 by a ratio of 12 to 1 while comments with negative connotations about the iPhone 5 only did so in a ratio of less than 2 to 1 with respect to the S4.

That Apple and his latest phone were running rivers of ink is not surprising, and much of the conversation was not negative either. Let’s remember that the launch of iPhone 5 was peppered with the controversial replacement of Google Maps in iOS 6 by Apple’s maps, too green at the time to have any chance.

But notice something: at no time do we find terms like “the most hated” or “the most adored”, more than likely the result of an imaginative editor of the Daily Mail who forgot that the iPhone 5 is not only the best-selling phone, but also the number 1 in user satisfaction, surpassing Samsung even in his home country, South Korea, according to a recent Quality Insights report that gives the apple a 52% satisfaction rating ahead of 50% and 46% ahead of Samsung and LG in second and third place.

Anyway, Korean check or not, what is clear is that there are few more effective ways to sell newspapers than talking about Apple, and if it is ranting, better than better. Besides, you know the saying: don’t let reality spoil good news for you .


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