Is the Apple Watch Series 3 worth waiting for?

While it’s true that the Apple Watch series 2 hasn’t been around for a year, many people are starting to wonder if it’s worth it to buy one of these or wait for the next Apple Watch series 3 , what do you think?

Apple Watch Series 3, wait or buy a current version

Whenever we make one of these articles, it is not easy to clarify and give an answer for all tastes. There are many factors to consider such as our “need” for purchasing one of these products, whether or not you are already an Apple Watch user, the budget you have for the Apple Watch Series 3 or the plans Apple itself has for its smart watch. Many factors that we will try to clarify in this article.

Is the Apple Watch Series 3 worth waiting for?
Is the Apple Watch Series 3 worth waiting for?

Apple Watch first generation

The first Apple Watch was presented at the end of 2014 but its official market launch would not take place until April 2015. With the Apple Watch series 2 we had to wait until September 2016 to see the second model of the smart watch. If Apple continues with these steps, we may not see a new Apple Watch this year .

It’s hard to know for sure what Apple’s plans are with his watch. While the Apple Watch Series 2 served to “polish” the first watch model, the Apple Watch Series 3 may be all the goodness of its predecessor under a new design.

The needs for buying an Apple Watch… or maybe not

The changes in the world of wearables are complicated, the technology that these devices carry is extremely small and they still do not have the potential that a mobile phone can have today. However, technology is evolving. It is possible that over time we will see more power, more functionality in these devices, however, today it seems impossible.

Our need is another point to consider when buying or not buying the Apple Watch Series 3. If you already have an Apple Watch and you are comfortable with it, I would wait even though the wait may last more than a year . In many occasions, the waiting time can be longer or shorter depending on the use we are going to give to the previous model. For many people, opting for a first-generation Apple Watch may be the best (and cheapest) option if we use the wearable with a moderate frequency.

Apple Watch series 2

At the moment we have to wait to give an answer, but one thing is clear, if Apple renews its Apple Watch be sure that your device will not be the cheapest device on the market, options like the first generation Apple Watch will disappear and it is possible that the Apple Watch Series 2 is a good buy for many because of its lower price. On the other hand, waiting for the Apple Watch Series 3 could mean a new model on our wrists signed by Apple, more power, more novelties with respect to its predecessors, but most importantly, it could possibly last much longer.

As I said before, keep in mind that Apple doesn’t update its smart watch every year so for many people this may be the time to buy or update their watch, or instead, keep waiting for the future Apple Watch Series 3. Either way, I hope we were able to help you with your final decision on whether or not to wait to buy the future Apple Watch.

Don’t forget to leave us your comments, questions or suggestions this device or other Apple models and remember that we continue with more news on our website.

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