Is Safari closed to you? Here’s how you can fix it


You’re not alone. Apparently, a bug in Apple’s servers would be causing the browser on its different platforms to crash , but fortunately, there’s a simple solution that will get us out of trouble temporarily and until Apple takes action. You will know if you are among those affected if you try to edit or add a URL in the navigation bar.

Is Safari closed to you? Here’s how you can fix it
Is Safari closed to you? Here’s how you can fix it

If Safari is reset at that point, you’ll be suffering the consequences of what appears to be a problem in the browser’s hint service , as suggested by 9to5Mac. We’ve checked the status of Apple’s systems for flies, and yet everything is working fine as they point out on their website. What exactly would be happening?

Everything happens, it seems as we explained before, when you type something in the status bar of the Safari URL: the application sends this text in real time to Apple’s servers so that the system returns the search suggestion based on the text typed and it seems that the servers at this moment would be the ones causing the problems (although Apple has not yet issued a note about this).

Fortunately, until they fix it, you can patch the problem by disabling Safari suggestions in SafariSettings . We don’t know the extent of the problem at this point, but from what we’re seeing on social networks, it seems that many computers are affected.


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