is not a native app, it has no place in watchOS

The relationship between developers and watchOS is curious, although the Apple Watch offers a whole platform with great opportunities for developers to show their apps, the truth is that they do not always decide to do so. 9to5mac

No warning, when upgrading the iPhone app to version 39.0 the watchOS app automatically disappears from the clock if installed. Why does this happen? Because the app is no longer compatible with watchOS. From this week all watchOS apps must be native . On watchOS 1 the applications were not native, but loaded from the iPhone. With watchOS 2 Apple offered the possibility to make them native to avoid dependence on the iPhone and to make them faster and more powerful. In fact, not only has it become a requirement for the new applications, but as we can see, not even the non-native ones are allowed to remain installed.

is not a native app, it has no place in watchOS
is not a native app, it has no place in watchOS

Since Instagram debuted on the Apple Watch with watchOS 1, its app was developed as a non-native. They have had a long time to update it but it seems that was not among their priorities . The app therefore disappears from the smart clock, although we will continue to receive rich notifications as a reflection of the iPhone. Doesn’t a company as big as InstagramFacebook have developers and enough time to make a simple watchOS app? No, developing and maintaining an app on a platform is difficult and requires a huge effort, that’s why if there are not enough users on the platform directly, it doesn’t compensate to make it.

It was the last one because many others have done it before. Ebay, Slack or Amazon among others decided to remove their Apple Watch apps to focus on the iPhone one. The main reason to do this? Their apps are used very little in the clock , being this more a tool to show the notifications of the app than to use it. It makes sense, we don’t look at Instagram pictures on a small screen, we bought it from Amazon from the mobile before and it takes too long to communicate through Slack from an Apple Watch.

Because each device has different functions , in the Apple Watch it is more common to see a task manager, a podcast player, a weather app or a calendar manager. Applications that are more useful for consulting than for creating actions. Of course, we must not forget about all the apps that take advantage of the clock sensors to record activity, such as training apps.

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