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Is my Mac compatible with Handoff?

The appearance of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite at the latest developer conference held each year by the Bitten Apple Company was a turning point in the interconnection between the two systems . This convergence has a name, Handoff and it allows us to pass our tasks or activities from one device to another in real time , that is, we can start writing an email on our iPhone and finish it on the Mac for convenience.

But as it always happens, the passing of time and the appearance of new technologies or revisions of the ones we already have makes the older devices start to lose compatibility with the tools that are coming . In this case, the technology on which Handoff relies is Bluetooth 4.0 , the latest revision that brought to the standard a low power model and which arrived back in 2010.

Is my Mac compatible with Handoff?
Is my Mac compatible with Handoff?

As our colleague Cristian illustrated us, there is a list of Cupertino devices compatible with Handoff in which we start with devices appeared in 2011 but, even so, the cut is not clear and that’s why we are going to show you a clear and concise way to ensure the full compatibility of our devices with this new functionality.

To do this, click on the apple icon — in your system’s taskbar and click on About this Mac . Once inside, we’ll go to More info… and then to System Report… . From the list that will appear we will move to Bluetooth which is within the Hardware . Here we’ll have to search for LMP version and this will tell us if our Mac is compatible or not.

If what we see on screen is version 0x6 , you can be congratulated because your computer is compatible with Handoff , whatever the date. If, on the other hand -as in my case- you see a lower numbering, then your device has an older version of Bluetooth technology so, a priori, would be out of the list .

Is your Mac compatible with Handoff? Or is it time that we, like me, updated our equipment to fully enjoy the new features brought in from Cupertino? . Remember that there is still hope and we could make use of Handoff thanks to the use of a USB stick that provides us with Bluetooth in its version 4.0.

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