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Is it worth having an iPod these days?

In the middle of 2017 it is somewhat difficult to think about acquiring the iPod from the Californian firm . Without a doubt it has been one of the devices that generated the most enthusiasm in its time, since we all wanted to have one. Despite this, it is now very difficult to think about this question, as all technological devices today allow audio reproduction.

There are many events for which it is not worth buying an iPod . First, there are the various streaming and online music services . A clear example is Spotify. The boom in this type of service has been one of the key points in putting an end to classic audio players.

Is it worth having an iPod these days?
Is it worth having an iPod these days?

Gone are the small devices full of downloaded music that are so practical in your pockets. Another negative aspect that has seriously damaged this type of product has been the famous smartphones. Having a current mobile phone is equivalent to having everything in one device . In addition, the great capacity of the latest models is an aspect more than in favour of using our phone as a music player. Still, the iPod has advantages today. What are they?

One advantage of the iPod is the battery . This is because if we use our mp3 player, we’ll be saving some battery power on our phones. Most of the time this can be ridiculous, but if you’re going to be on the road and won’t be able to charge your iPhone for many hours, the iPod can become your great ally .

There is another scenario where the iPod is very comfortable. If you practice running , you’ll appreciate using an iPod, as it reduces the size of the device you’ll be wearing on your arm. However, if you play sports for many hours at a time, it’s worth having your mobile phone with you as a precaution. However, I still find my iPod from seven years ago useful.

And you, are you still using your iPod?

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