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Is it worth buying an iPhone after your presentation?

Despídete de este iPhone 8

Y es que el apartado económico es otro factor diferencial. Si acudimos a la Apple Store a por un iPhone 7, nos encontraremos con que sigue manteniendo el mismo valor que el día de su presentación , por lo que si vamos a pagar la misma cantidad el día uno que seis meses más tarde, ¿qué sentido tiene esperar? En otras palabras, no hay motivos para esperar y comprarlo meses más tarde .

Is it worth buying an iPhone after your presentation?
Is it worth buying an iPhone after your presentation?

Y tú, ¿te comprarías un iPhone nada más salga?

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The presentation of the next iPhone is inexorably approaching. A few months are left until we see the new thing that the Cupertino guys have prepared for us and, as always, with the arrival of this terminal comes the eternal doubt about buying it as soon as it hits the market or waiting a few months . That’s why today we come to help you decide once and for all, is it time to buy it or to wait?

We already know that buying an iPhone on the day of its launch sounds a little crazy . The price doesn’t help at all, let alone the queues we’ll have to wait to be among the first to get one. However, there are just as many good reasons not to wait too long and to buy it later rather than sooner.

The first is what’s new: What’s new about an iPhone when months have passed since its release and all Chinese brands have copied its design? Not to mention that most of its features will have been left behind by the competition. If the iPhone 8 is introduced later this year, how long will it last as the king of the high-end until it is dethroned by Samsung’s Galaxy S9 ? In a few months we will see how instead of buying a top-of-the-range , we have opted for a second-rate top-of-the-range which has not lowered its price by a single penny .

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