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Is it time for an iPhone or iPad for the luxury market?

In recent weeks, as a preliminary step to the global launch of the Apple Watch, much has been said about one of the variants of the smart watch that Apple will bring to market, specifically the Edition, as it introduces a certain dose of novelty in terms of creating a luxury edition of a product , closer to the jewelry store itself , and which would considerably increase its price. On this last aspect, the price, there are numerous speculations, although what we do have clear, and most of them coincide, is that the figure in dollars will be in thousands .

With an Apple Watch Edition on the market, which is expected to be at least as well received, has the time come for Apple to opt for creating luxury editions dedicated to a more exclusive audience of their MacBook, iPhone or iPad?

Is it time for an iPhone or iPad for the luxury market?
Is it time for an iPhone or iPad for the luxury market?

The truth is that the iPhone and the iPad , although not from Apple, do have the possibility today of modifying it or converting it into a luxury, ostentatious phone that demonstrates the wealth that one possesses . This is what some customization workshops do, being able to add diamonds, gold and other precious materials to our phone. For the iPad and MacBook it is less common to see these finishes, although they also exist. In addition to the above, we can also find on the market cases and accessories of this type , so the market niche as such at least exists .

If there is such a market, the product requested is one of Apple’s, but a more luxurious version, Apple should attack that market . The reasons for this are that the iPhone, iPad and Macbook already possess as such a certain style and elegance , so half of the work is done. If we add to this the fact that Apple will hardly ever make a hideously gold-plated or grotesquely diamond-encrusted iPhone, we might see create a top product in terms of design and materials .

Although it is only a question of lucubrations, platinum could be one of the materials used for a luxury edition of these products , since it would combine elegance and discretion, and enough showiness without becoming pure and vulgar ostentation of wealth .

And you, Do you think Apple should launch itself into the luxury market and follow the trail of the Apple Watch Edition with an iPhone and iPad or a Macbook Edition? You can leave a comment below and give your opinion.

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