Is it really worth buying an iPhone 6SPlus right now?

Buying a mobile device , or specifically, a smartphone, is a decision that should not be taken lightly, especially when you plan to spend a fairly large amount of money.

Today, smartphones have gone beyond being simple communication devices to become true extensions of the human body that allow us to access information in a matter of seconds , as well as an endless number of functionalities that seemed impossible until a few years ago.

Is it really worth buying an iPhone 6SPlus right now?
Is it really worth buying an iPhone 6SPlus right now?

If we take a small look at the market, we can find a large catalogue of options offered by different manufacturers. The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus with their features are positioned as two great fighters within the group of terminals that offer the best performance and at the same time are supported by one of the largest technology companies in the world: Apple.

But despite that, and taking into account the dates in which we are, is it still viable to buy one of these two devices? Answering this question may have quite subjective arguments, since everyone decides what to spend their money on, regardless of whether it is the most convenient or not. However, by adopting a partial position, we can base our decision on more solid ideas that make us give up on the purchase or, alternatively, opt for it even more.

The iPhone 7

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to consider for NOT buying an iPhone 6SPlus at this time is precisely because of the dates. If we pay attention to the calendars and actions Apple has us used to, we can deduce that there are less than two months left for the unofficially named iPhone 7 to reach the market.

The iPhone 7 will be the successor to the current Apple flaghsip (which will probably be available in more colors such as blue) and will come with significant improvements ranging from having a more remarkable performance , to important features such as the inclusion of a dual camera plus optical zoom… or at least that’s what rumors tell us that have made their way through the net in recent months.

When the iPhone 7 hits the market, the iPhone 6SPlus will still be highly capable and feature-rich phones thanks to the upgrade to iOS 10 , although it will no longer be a top-of-the-line phone. Not that this is a big deal, but it is certainly significant for those looking for the latest technology.


The iPhone 7 on the market will also be the author of other collateral damage for the iPhone 6SPlus . One of them will be depreciation , and that is that the new technologies that will be included in its next flagship phone, will force Apple to modify its pricing policy in the current devices, both for the newest and for the oldest ones like the iPhone 5S, to mention some example.

If we follow the American firm’s customs, it is likely that the devaluation of the iPhone launched in autumn 2014, will be the same for the iPhone 6SPlus, thus obtaining a value of approximately 639 and 749 euros respectively. Maybe 100 euros doesn’t seem like much, but come on, that’s an amount we don’t find in dirty pants, much less on the street by chance.

Market options

Let’s be honest; for some time now Apple has been resting on its laurels when it comes to making a mobile device. The irrefutable proof of this is that today’s iPhones are no longer known as the benchmark mobile devices and in fact there are others with much more eye-catching features at both the software and hardware level.

Wireless charging, long battery life, Bluetooth file sharing , high customization capabilities, microSD card support , and more, are the most important things you look for when buying a smartphone. Unfortunately, neither iPhone 6S nor iPhone 6S Plus has any of these.

So far, we’ve clarified three fairly valid reasons why the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus can’t be considered a very successful purchase today. However, it also remains to explore the other side of the coin and see what the reasons are for buying these devices now is a wise decision . But of course, that is a topic for the next article.

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