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Is facial recognition the security system of the future on our iPhone?

The future is already here, and sources very close to Apple have been confirming during these months what would be a bomb on the part of the company on iPhone 8: the facial unlocking.

At Apple 5×1 we told you what this new form of unlocking would consist of including the next terminal of the bitten apple.

Goodbye Touch ID on iPhone 8?

Is facial recognition the security system of the future on our iPhone?
Is facial recognition the security system of the future on our iPhone?

Everything points to the fact that the Californian company will once again break the market with a very advanced technology in facial unblocking.

Analysts such as Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman, who predicted new features from previous Apple devices, point out that the iPhone 8 will finally incorporate an advanced system with which, through a series of sensors, the device will be able to detect our faces . This would mean goodbye to fingerprint unlocking, better known as Touch ID.

iPhone 8 could say goodbye to unlocking via Touch ID

During these months there has been a lot of talk about where the fingerprint reader will go on the iPhone 8. It was known that the home button would disappear in favor of a front part with hardly any frames, so the Touch ID had to go on the back of the device or integrated into the screen. It is known that Apple has been trying to include it in the screen, which would have caused a delay in its production, but has finally discarded this idea as the face unlocking system is very advanced.

The farewell to the Touch ID that accompanied us from the iPhone 5s raises doubts about it, especially since we don’t know for sure if the facial unlocking is really that advanced. Many of us had hoped that Apple would manage to integrate the reader into the screen, as the company Vivo has already done, but in the end this will not be the case.

New 3D sensors that would detect our face

Apple’s desire to stay one step ahead of the competition is well known, and although this has been questioned in recent years, it seems that the iPhone 8 could break the market.

Cupertino’s wanted to go beyond the iris unlocking that other companies like Samsung have implemented in their devices. That’s why would already have very advanced work with 3-dimensional sensors, capable of detecting a person’s face even in the dark using infrared.

Possible screen protector for iPhone 8 showing sensors on the front that could be used to unlock the face

These new sensors, which would be implemented on the front of the device, would be very safe because they would be able to detect the distance from your nose to your ear, for example. This would ensure that no one could impersonate us or that the phone could be unlocked with a picture of us.

This facial recognition would also serve to execute payments through Apple Pay and other functions that could be incorporated into iPhone 8 , such as opening applications protected by this method.

Apple engineers would be working on polishing details of this sensor. Details such as speed and accuracy. It’s even said that it could recognize our faces whether the device is in a horizontal or vertical position.

Final conclusion

Many rumors and people close to the company have confirmed these facts. We can’t confirm anything 100% although we can give a lot of credibility to the matter.

So, in my personal opinion, this new iPhone would break with the schemes and open a new field in which other companies would have to start working to reach Apple. I am also afraid that these advanced technologies would make this product more expensive than previous generations.

What do you think of this news about Apple implementing such a technology? Do you think it will be as effective and safe as the Touch ID? We encourage you to tell us your impressions in the comments.

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