Is Apple synonymous with iPhone?

On October 28th, Apple will once again present its financial results, an appointment that we will cover as usual at Apple. And it will be a moment that will cause movements in the value of its shares, the situation of the company will be analyzed and many conclusions will be drawn. But until that time, the only thing we know is that for a few years now, there have been no liquidity problems.

And the great responsible for these results has been the iPhone. During the last year, 2012, Apple’s revenue was 156 billion dollars of which 80.5 billion was generated by the sales of its phones . A figure that makes one wonder if Apple is already synonymous with the iPhone, if Apple has iphonedependence .

Is Apple synonymous with iPhone?
Is Apple synonymous with iPhone?

For the colleagues of the Salmon Blog the answer, according to the figures, is yes. It is certainly an important business for the company, but it is also something that is evident not only for Apple. The biggest electronics companies are focusing their efforts and energies on them. Because right now smartphones are the star devices, the product that most users are interested in.

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Indeed, a strong dependency can be a problem, especially if we see that there is already some saturation although Tim Cook does not think so. Added to this is the current economic situation where we can no longer afford to happily change terminals every year, let alone at the price of 600 or 700 euros for the “basic” (lower storage capacity). But if Apple has iphonedependence then blessed be it.

I explain, that the iPhone generates so many benefits is or can be negative if they do not have a plan B in case of trend change or saturation. I think they have it and it’s called transition to 64-bit architecture , a reason that could revive the sale again if they show us or “force” their purchase to enjoy new iOS features. By the way, very good article today from Xataka about the real benefits against the 32-bit model. But those revenues are also very positive because they can invest in new product development even if their profit margin or return on investment is slower, as is the case with the future Mac Pro.

If Apple didn’t have the peace of mind that iPhone revenue brings, there might be products that wouldn’t be launched, that wouldn’t be risked, or that might not be able to do as much R&D. It’s also an insurance policy against the decline in Mac sales, which is between 0.8% and 1.6%. Of course the so-called post-PC trend also plays a role. In short, if Apple has iphonedependence I think that many other companies also have smartphonedependence , don’t you think?

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