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Is a tempered glass protector worth it?

I remember that some time ago plastic screen protectors became fashionable, thin sheets similar to those of the visors of racing drivers’ helmets. It was a way to protect the screen from scratches, the typical thing, keys, coins, bag gadgets, etc.

The next step was the tempered glass screen protectors , a novelty at the time and which have nevertheless managed to make their way into the market. It is logical, in addition, the investment we make in technology is remarkable and an iPhone or iPad are devices with a high cost. Glass protectors help to avoid breakage and micro-scratching. Normally we like to have our phone well cared for, it is an added bonus if we want to resell the terminal later, those that are impeccable are better priced.

Is a tempered glass protector worth it?
Is a tempered glass protector worth it?

My recommendation is that you use them. Perhaps this is the least disruptive to the aesthetics of the device, since the covers, no matter how thin they are, always add an extra thickness, and hide and disguise the design of our mobile, although they obviously fulfil a protective function, as well as an aesthetic one.

In their favour, we find the effectiveness in the face of falls. It is obvious that we have more and more resistant and hardened screens, it is difficult to scratch them, but I remember saving more than probable disasters in falls to lead, with the terminal upside down. When I nervously picked it up from the floor I saw the glass shatter, but the one on the screen was intact. Just because of that, and it’s a personal opinion, I put this kind of elements in my devices .

Another point in its favour is its price, which was high years ago but is now much lower. Platforms like Amazon or Aliexpress offer a multitude of protectors at many different prices. I think that skimping on their cost when, for example, you have invested almost 1,000 euros in an iPhone 7 Plus is not smart.

Yes, let’s remember that on the positive side we have:

  1. Price and variety.
  2. Protection.
  3. Easy to find, both in physical stores and online.
  4. They also offer fingerprint protection.
  5. They’re quite durable.

But on the negative side :

  1. They’re not infallible. Falls to the floor hitting the corner of your iPhone or iPad are a bad prognosis.
  2. They have to be placed carefully, otherwise bubbles will appear.
  3. Once detached, they cannot be reused.
  4. They must be removed from the screen carefully, it is easy to cut if it is broken.

If you have small children who take your phone, practice sports activities of certain risk (cycling, climbing, etc.) and you carry your iPhone, or simply your smartphone has tendencies to be attracted by the Earth according to Newton’s laws, don’t think about it.

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