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Ironhack, an initiative to learn programming in iOS from experts

Ironhack Madrid
Learning to program is no longer something that only two or three people are interested in. And every day, fortunately, there are more initiatives that appear in Spain with a formative character. So if doing it through books like the ones we’ve already seen, Developing Apps for iOS 7 is great, you’re not attracted to it and you want something else you might be interested in IronHack .

IronHack is a training initiative that arises here in Spain and after the success of the course on web development they attack again with an intensive course of iOS applications, Bootcamp iOS .

Ironhack, an initiative to learn programming in iOS from experts
Ironhack, an initiative to learn programming in iOS from experts

As we have said, the Ironhack trainings are intensive courses, of eight weeks, where professionals will teach us the basics of Objetive-C, CocoaTouch and Xcode, interface design, networking and memory management. All with a clear objective, to become an iOS developer

To achieve this, there will be more than three hundred and twenty hours of training that will be structured in a previous action with online training that will lay the foundations and give the basic skills needed so that later, in the face-to-face meetings, they can be exploited by the teachers in charge of them. In addition to the work with other colleagues who will help us not to “close ourselves off” in our own hobbies or methods and be able to work in groups.

That way, and with a methodology by weeks like the one we see in the upper scheme, the assistants will develop their knowledge and good practices when writing clean code, use of version control in a proper way with git,… All this with the idea of applying all the learned to a final project they present in the Demo Day.

The next courses will take place in Madrid and Barcelona, from June 2 to July 25 and from October 6 to November 28 respectively. And since at Ironhack they do not want the price (5,900 euros) to make any candidate with potential discard the program they offer a system of payment plans in addition to scholarships that facilitate access.

Ironhack is hopefully not the only or the last initiative, and in addition to training participants in the world of programming, it will help them with their job search, or even with the development of their projects as a mentor.

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