iRadio Concept, the Rumored Apple Music Service

Just a few hours before Apple’s keynote, the latest rumours are that the company will finally launch its own streaming music service , iRadio. Surprisingly, few concepts have appeared so far about how that new service could be, so today we highlight one that we have found and that is really interesting.

The first thing we learned in the concept is that iRadio would be available first only in the United States for a price of $149 per year . The service would contain over 30 million songs and provide an API that would allow applications such as DJay to be used.

iRadio Concept, the Rumored Apple Music Service
iRadio Concept, the Rumored Apple Music Service

Once the service has been paid for, the iRadio option would appear in the left sidebar of iTunes with four modes: on air, charts, discover music and my music. Can we see them?

In the air

In this option we can select between the radio stations that are shown or add our own through URL. But make no mistake, these won’t be real radio stations, they will be playlists and we will be able to play them if we are not convinced.


In this mode, the songs that other users are listening to will be displayed and, if you like the song, you can add it directly to your playlist or download it.

Discover Music

With Discover Music you can discover music you might like through the recommendations that the program itself makes, all in Cover Flow view. To improve the accuracy of the service, you can rate songs as you listen to them, helping to make recommendations much more personalized.

Remember that there’s already a similar function in iTunes , Genius, except that it only creates music lists based on the contents of your library.

My music

In My Music you will find all the songs you have previously saved to listen to offline. This way, you can save up to 500 songs and they will automatically sync with all your devices.

Without a doubt, the Appleme guys’ concept is one of the best concepts to come out of iRadio so far and gives a coherent view of what you might expect from a possible Apple music service. The downside? Let’s hope that the part of the price that would be worth subscribing to such a service is wrong, since $149 a year seems too expensive with the alternatives that exist today.

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