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iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic may disappear

The 4th of October is approaching, and with it all the possible rumour about what Apple may present, the iPhone thing we assume, but what about the iPods? Will they be renewed? Well, everything seems to indicate that the opposite is true, since there are indications that both iPod Classic and Shuffle could disappear after the keynote.

As you know, this year there has been no musical presentation , as Apple usually calls it, and we will have instead the presentation of the new iPhone next week, specifically on the 4th. But not only this is the bad news for iPods and it is that they could lose half of their devices. We are talking about the discontinuation of the Shuffle and Classic models , which is becoming more likely every day, leaving only the Touch and the Nano .

iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic may disappear
iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic may disappear

This movement could be seen in a natural way, as both the Shuffle and the Classic are the only pocket devices left with physical controls , leaving the whole market for those with multitouch screen . It’s hard not to feel nostalgic for those devices that have made our conception of a player completely different, but it must also be acknowledged that both the software and the hardware of these have become completely obsolete (it’s not the first time that it’s been said that the iPod Classic could be discontinued due to its traditional hard drive).

Now, how can this affect the current iPod ranges? It could be the case that the iPod Touch would become the company’s flagship model and be called simply iPod, whereas the iPod Nano could retain its current name. Furthermore, according to the current rumor (and also to the natural evolution), we could see an iPod Touch with the A5 processor that carries the iPad and will presumably carry the iPhone 5, although there is also talk that the Nano could implement this hardware improvement, in addition to the camera that had already been rumored a few months ago.

We can think that these movements are perfectly normal seeing how the portable player market is evolving, without going any further, the iPod Nano has almost replaced the Shuffle in size and performance and what about the Classic , that although it has twice the capacity of the Touch , it allows us to do almost all the actions that an iPhone does. So it’s not surprising that what the analysts are now saying is finally happening. Next week we’ll find out what happens with iPods, which have recently turned 10 years old , hopefully they’ll stay at least one year longer .

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