iPod Classic, the myth begins to fall

iPod Classic

Today’s keynote has again left a wide variety of opinions regarding what was presented. But this time we cannot be so negative, we already knew what was going to be talked about.

iPod Classic, the myth begins to fall
iPod Classic, the myth begins to fall

During the event we have been able to see sales data and especially downloads, there are a lot of them in the AppStore. Also new iPod Nano, which return to the elongated shape that I personally like much more; a remodeling of the iPod Touch that is beautiful with its 2.1 firmware update, iTunes 8 improvement and its new grid to show the albums, etc. I think it’s a good idea and among all these new features they have shown the iPod Classic .

An unrefurbished iPod Classic with nothing to show for it: no firmware update, no battery upgrade, no display… So what does it mean? Will it go away? I thought classics never die, did they?

Apple has made a rather odd move in my opinion. The 80GB and 160GB options have been loaded (229 and 329 euros respectively) leaving only a model with a capacity of 120GB at the price of 229 euros .

I still don’t understand, wouldn’t it have been better to lower the 160GB model to that price? . I understand the price of the nano as flash memory is “relatively” more expensive; the price of the Touch as even if we would like it to cost less than the iPhone it is not expensive if we add the cost of the contract. But changing to 120GB instead of leaving 160GB I don’t think it’s an economic reason, the difference can’t be so big that Apple can’t afford it.

It’s clear that the iPod Classic’s days are numbered, despite the fact that I’m not sure if you think so. The flagship, leader and cause of all this commotion is no longer so attractive. Multi-touch technology and miniaturization don’t sit well with it. And it’s slowly fading away. Every day it seems more and more like the Mac Mini with whom at this rate they’ll share old stories, one for what it was and another for what it couldn’t become.

However, I will continue to recommend the iPod Classic as the ideal one for those who like to take their music anywhere, all their music. It’s my ideal iPod and it always will be. Maybe too romantic.

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