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iPod classic – Applesfera

ES 2.0. En el resto de características ambos dispositivos mantienen todas las novedades incluidas hasta la fecha y no aportan ninguna nueva.

iPod classic news at Apple

iPod classic – Applesfera
iPod classic – Applesfera

You’re probably one of the ones who have lost out in the midst of all the price movement, models, colors, special editions, price reductions, etc… of the new iPods. Here is a summary of all iPod models, their price and the main features of each one .

iPod shuffle

This range includes some interesting new products. There is now a new, more affordable version with 2Gb, more than enough for the type of player it is , and there are also three new colours in the range.

The previous 4Gb model also includes the new colors. A new 4Gb model has also arrived, entirely made of bright stainless steel. for 95 euros.

iPod nano

It may be the biggest novelty, but at heart “it’s the same thing”. Now add to iPod nano that we’re all familiar with a new glossy finish, video camera , microphone, speaker, foot pod, VoiceOver, and a larger screen.

But we can’t forget the integrated radio and also an interesting function of it: “the real-time pause”. Like some DTT tuners we can pause the radio at any time and then continue where we left off.

The range is structured as before in models of 8Gb and 16Gb, all available in all colours.

iPod classic

It’s the iPod as we understand it. With its click wheel, large format and hard drive. Unfortunately it has received absolutely nothing new except for the new capacity which has been increased to 160Gb , a not inconsiderable figure.

iPod touch

The iPod touch may be the most confusing model. Although Apple didn’t say so in the Keynote, there are actually two models now. On the one hand there is the 8Gb iPod touch reduced to 189 euros, this model is aesthetically identical to the one sold until now and does not include any new features.

However the 32Gb and 64Gb models include the new updated hardware of the iPhone 3GS , that is to say they are faster than the 8Gb model, with support for OpenGL

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