iPhoto comes to iOS

iPhoto para iPad, ¿la otra sorpresa de la tarde?

Just this morning you could smell it and we only had to wait about an hour during this afternoon’s Keynote to see another iLife app come to life on iOS, we’re talking about the new version of iPhoto.

iPhoto comes to iOS
iPhoto comes to iOS

iPhoto for iOS is an adaptation of the well-known desktop program for iOS and when we say adaptation it is not due to its features, very similar to the desktop version, but rather in how Apple has managed to bring the ideas of a “keyboard and mouse” program to a touch screen.

In addition to the new style of the program, the application also includes interesting features such as: photo editing with multitouch, showing photos to other devices easily, “professional” effects, editing with brushes, creating albums… all this without forgetting the “typical” functions of any image editor .

The application will be available exclusively for the iPad from today, which makes us think that it is also compatible with the iPad 2, although we do not know its compatibility with the first iPad. The application will be priced at $4.99, with the price in Spain expected to be 3.99 euros .

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