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iPhone’s Screen Size is the Most Popular

The world of smartphones has entered a deadlock, each manufacturer has joined the trend of gradually increasing the screen size with each new revision of their product. Apple in this sense has always been quite free, with the iPhone 5 we saw how the company gave a little arm to twist and introduced for the first time a 4-inch screen, abandoning the previous 3, 5. However, many see this new measure as insufficient, they believe that it is far from the screens that are being launched today, but is it really necessary to have a screen that is around 5 inches? Let’s see the results of a study that will take us out of doubt.

One study shows that the screen sizes the iPhone moves between are the most popular

A recent study by Flurry, a mobile marketing analyst, has shown that the most popular screen size among smartphone users and the most widespread is between 3.5 and 4.9 inches, which is the size of the iPhone 5 and the rest of its generations. The study has gone even further and says that the new trend of “phablet”, those large devices halfway between a smartphone and a tablet, are more a whim than a real need for consumers.

iPhone’s Screen Size is the Most PopulariPhone’s Screen Size is the Most Popular

As we have seen, the study has collected its data from more than 1 billion smartphones and some 2,000 unique models worldwide. Subsequently, a classification was created with the data obtained: small phones (up to 3.5 inches), medium phones (from 3.5 to 4.9 inches) and Phablets (up to 7 inches). The results showed that the screen size in the medium phone category was the most widespread among consumers on all platforms and so-called phablets are still far from achieving a significant market share.

In the category of small phones we can see how the clear dominator is BlackBerry (formerly RIM), and despite the loss of this sector in recent years, still constitute 16% of the entire smartphone market. On the other hand, in the medium sized phones we find the largest user base, about 70% of the entire global device market. In this category it is the iPhone which is slightly ahead of Android devices. Finally, Phablet devices only have a 3% share of the global market and the study assures that when it comes down to it, users prefer smaller sizes.

There has also been room for the tablet market, if we divide it according to the platform we see how while in Android the most popular devices are small tablets like the Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire, in iOS the 9.7 inch iPad covers most of the user base.

So we can draw interesting conclusions from all this, despite the recent fad of “bigger is better” to which all devices have been added, the study shows that it is more reasonable sizes that are chosen by consumers. Perhaps it is time to put a limit on the size of something we are supposed to get close to the ear with.

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