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iPhone’s NFC will open for new features with iOS 13

WWDCs are usually used to get a first look at new Apple operating systems. In the case of iOS 13 we could see quite a few new features, although in the end most of them are being discovered little by little as we get information from the developer beta. This time we echo a feature highlighted by The Verge and that has to do with the iPhone’s NFC reader.

Apple has had an NFC reader on its iPhone for years, but unlike Android devices, Apple blocks this functionality in third-party apps and it’s only functional for Apple Pay. The signature of the apple is shielded in the security reasons to carry out this NFC blocking.

iPhone’s NFC will open for new features with iOS 13
iPhone’s NFC will open for new features with iOS 13

Japanese ID card that will be compatible with the iPhone’s NFC

However, in some countries such as the United Kingdom, the NFC reader has been opened exclusively for some applications related to the application for residence through the passport. Something similar is happening in Japan , where, according to The Verge report, Apple has reached an agreement with the Japanese government to open up NFC for certain functions.

The identification cards held by the Japanese have NFCs that provide useful information about the person carrying it . Precisely in order to be able to access this information from an iPhone, Apple has made a new exception to open its NFC reader.

This NFC opening will require an iPhone with iOS 13 and obviously be Japanese. However, this is news that may also be good for the other countries and is that it is another proof that Apple wants to continue opening this system.

We don’t know the exact plans of Apple with this system, but we’re sure that in the coming weeks and months we’ll know of more applications and features that the iPhone’s NFC will allow. However, the company will have to study each case under the premise of ensuring the security and privacy of users.

What do you think about this news? Is there an application where you would like to use the NFC of the iPhone and it is not possible? Tell us in the comment box.