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iPhone yes, Apple Watch no (so far)

Pepephone has just given the news: the operator is starting to offer eSIM on its lines, both to new customers and to those who already have a voice and data plan with them. It does it almost two months after some main operators as Movistar, which announced the novelty last year.

For Pepephone the eSIM is considered an evolution of a traditional concept like the typical SIM card that facilitates the procedures and the change between operators. The company assures that they are compatible with all smartphones that already include this technology, so based on this data we should be able to use it without problems on the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

iPhone yes, Apple Watch no (so far)
iPhone yes, Apple Watch no (so far)

At Apple, this is how call and contact management works on an iPhone with both SIMs active

At the moment, where Pepephone’s eSIM will not work is in the Apple Watch . This means that for the moment only Vodafone and Orange offer this service, although for five more euros per month added to your bill. In these cases, the eSIM is used as an extension of a plan that is already linked to another SIM, something that Pepephone will not offer at the moment.

It’s only a matter of time before that service is offered anyway. The simple competition and the increasing number of people who want this eSIM in their terminals will grow, and the operators that do not offer this service will be left behind and surrounded by criticism (something very similar we have been seeing with the banks that do not add Apple Pay in Spain). The arrival of Pepephone is, without a doubt, another step towards that reality.

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