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iPhone XS has a smaller battery capacity than iPhone X

All Apple fans expect that every new device that is introduced by the company will incorporate better features than the previous generation, or at least be identical. This has not happened with the iPhone Xs, the predecessor of the iPhone X, as the battery capacity has been reduced from one year to the next, something that we do not understand and that we hope will not negatively affect the total autonomy of the device.

Apple never refers in its Keynote to the amount of RAM in your new devices or the capacity of your batteries. We users expected Apple to innovate in what is really important: in improving the autonomy of their devices. But they’re doing the opposite, they’re cutting the mAh out of these. Why?

iPhone XS has a smaller battery capacity than iPhone XiPhone XS has a smaller battery capacity than iPhone X

According to Ben Geskin’s Twitter account today, the iPhone XS has an integrated 2658 mAh battery, when the iPhone X battery has 2716 mAh capacity. When you do the math , there’s 58 mAh less in the battery of the new iPhone XS. Obviously this minimal difference will only be noticed in the battery life of our iPhone, since the A12 Bionic chip is more energy efficient , but why not offer a better battery life?

Ben Geskin has also given the iPhone XS Max battery capacity data which is 3174 mAh, 483 mAh more than the battery of the iPhone 8 Plus, a quite remarkable difference that will surely give us for a quite wide autonomy: up to a day and a half.

When we have these new iPhones in our hands, we will be able to see how the battery behaves after routine use to appreciate both the management that is made of it and whether or not you notice the decrease in capacity in the 5.8-inch terminal.

We pose the following question: is it necessary to have increasingly powerful processors, which we do not even take advantage of or to have a better battery in the new devices that are being introduced? For the “normal” user, it is clear that he prefers a better battery to a processor whose power he does not take advantage of.

Why doesn’t Apple innovate in its batteries? Leave your impressions in the comment box.