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iPhone X would arrive with a new dynamic wallpaper

There is less than a month left for us to get our hands on the new iPhone X, and soon the most important media will start receiving it, just like we saw with the Apple Watch, iPhone 8 or the Apple TV 4K to do the respective reviews and give us a personal view. Today in the Reddit forum we have seen a video where a user had this new iPhone X in his hand and incorporated a wallpaper that has attracted our attention.

Update: iPhone X handheld images are still displayed on the Reddit forum which you can see here.

iPhone X would arrive with a new dynamic wallpaper
iPhone X would arrive with a new dynamic wallpaper

In the video we leave you here, we can see how a user operates an iPhone X unit by showing us both the impressive front and back. In the front, you can clearly see com or you can see a new dynamic wallpaper that moves as you move iPhone X.

iOS 11 would include numerous lines of code that would be intended for iPhone X. This has led everyone with an older iPhone to think that those of Cupertino are moving olympically from creating software that fits all the devices that are currently among users and that works efficiently, especially on drums.

iOS 11 will give wings to all the technology included in Apple’s new flagship and above all, the version that is in beta, iOS 11.1 we believe will be released on the same day as the launch of this new terminal, November 3rd. We see a very nice design in the video with a very attractive back and a fantastic screen that we are eager to manipulate, although now we will have to get used to a new way of handling the iPhone with other gestures.

What do you think of the inclusion of this new wallpaper? Do you think that iOS 11 is an operating system that is very focused on this terminal, leaving the rest in second place? Leave your opinion in the comment box.

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