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iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 9, which one has better specifications?

Just a few minutes ago, Samsung introduced its new Galaxy Note 9, which comes to the market with a renewed S-Pen as well as a bigger battery to make it last as long as possible. The main rival of this device at Apple is undoubtedly the iPhone X, and this is why we have asked ourselves the question, which device has better specifications? The iPhone X or the Galaxy Note 9

A few minutes ago, our colleagues at MovilZona published the traditional comparison with various competing mobiles, but we wanted to keep the Apple flagship.

iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 9, which one has better specifications?
iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 9, which one has better specifications?

Source: MobileZone

In this table of specifications we see how the screen size is larger in Note 9 , something that doesn’t surprise us in the least. But for us such a big screen can be uncomfortable for the user. This year Apple will bet on an iPhone X Plus with a 6.1 inch screen that already seems big to us, but here comes the taste of each user. By having a bigger screen, the body is obviously bigger, with a greater weight and larger dimensions. If you want to play multimedia content or make notes with the stylus very often, the Note 9 can be a good option.

Of the processor and the general operation of the device we can say absolutely nothing, because although both terminals have the top processors on the market today, we can’t give an opinion on their operation on paper. Our point of view about this aspect will come when we have both devices in physical and we make the appropriate tests. If it is true that the Note 9 processor is from this year and the A11 Bionic is from last year, but when Apple presents its A12 processor they will be totally equal.

In terms of storage, without a doubt the winner is the new Samsung terminal , since it includes a greater base capacity, but also gives us the possibility of expanding the storage space with an SD card, and at the end we can have a Galaxy Note 9 with a storage of 1 TB . The iPhone not only has a lower capacity base, but also does not allow us to make an extension through SD cards.

The subject of the camera has already been more than commented on because it is the same one we found in the Galaxy S9+. We valued some months ago that both cameras are of very high quality, but each one “wins” in some aspects. For this section we recommend you to watch the video we uploaded on Apple5x1 about the comparison of cameras between the Galaxy S9+ and the iPhone X.

As far as the battery is concerned, we do see a brutal difference between the iPhone X and the Galaxy Note 9 . The device of the South Korean company has a battery of 4,000 mAh , while the Apple device only has a capacity of 2716 mAh. In the end, autonomy is not measured by the capacity of the batteries but by the use we make of it and how optimized the operating system is.

On Apple’s flagship, complaints about battery life are zero as it holds up perfectly for a whole day with almost half the battery capacity. We will have to see in the corresponding review which of the two terminals makes the best use of its battery resources.

And finally, we must talk about the price these two teams have. To begin with, both exceed the barrier of 1000 euros , something that seems to be becoming a habit among the most premium phone companies. Despite exceeding 1000 euros, the new Note 9 is priced lower than the iPhone X and is the Samsung device with the largest memory capacity in its most economical device. As you can see from the table above, the iPhone X has a base price of £1159, while the Samsung Note 9 has a base price of £1009.

And if we talk about the conference in general, it should be noted that since Samsung have presented a charging base very similar to the AirPower that most likely will see the light before the Apple base that presented last year. In this clearly Cupertino’s company has been left in ridiculous and we hope they will end up reacting in the next few weeks.

In addition to this charging base, from Samsung today introduced a new smart speaker, so Apple has a new contender in this market that is proving very difficult with the Amazon Echo and Google Home dominating the market share. We believe that this inclusion of Samsung in the market will make Apple get its act together and extend its HomePod to more countries in order to make a name for itself in the world market.

If you want to know more about this model, here you can find the MovilZona technical sheet.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of the new Note 9, do you see it as a team that can compete against the iPhone X?

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