iPhone X prepares for launch by showing off early

After the presentation last September and a few weeks after the launch of the iPhone X , several people have “hunted” the Apple terminal throughout the world. Without a doubt, these are Apple employees with permission to use it in their daily lives and see how the iPhone X behaves in the real world. They probably have to use them discreetly so as not to attract too much public attention, but that hasn’t prevented some people from already seeing it (and filming or photographing it).

Although there are also occasions when the employee himself seems to have left the terminal to a friend to do so. In any case, here we have the most current collection of iPhone X of the moment.

The only video that shows the iPhone X outdoors

iPhone X prepares for launch by showing off early
iPhone X prepares for launch by showing off early

The cover image has been created from this video shared on Reddit. From the hashtag on it, we can deduce that was originally published on Instagram . It shows us a white iPhone X with a black front (finally!), surrounded by a shiny steel frame reminiscent of the Apple Watch of this material.

In Reddit’s comments, users claim that it was filmed in San Jose, California. The location where the 2017 WWDC was held and which is very close to Cupertino. So its authenticity is out of question. It is very likely that right now there are dozens of iPhone X’s around the San Francisco and Bay Area.

The iPhone X has not yet shown all its cards to the public

We can also appreciate a new dynamic wallpaper in black and red. The wallpapers of this type were released in iOS 7 and since then we have not seen any additions or modifications to the existing handful. Which is a pity. The name of the operator does appear in the top left corner when the terminal is locked, to be replaced by the time when it is unlocked (contrary to what I thought).

Another detail: when the user turns it around, you can see how the lock trembles. This means that Face ID has tried to verify your identity, but has not been able to. The speed of the system is remarkable, which corroborates what many people expect from it.

The iPhone X anticipates its worldwide launch

In a place as unexpected as Fiumicino airport, an Instagram user has come across an iPhone X before its launch. As you can see in the image below, it is a colour model that cannot be determined, as both colours have the black front . The terminal draws attention precisely because of the so-called notch or upper peninsula that houses the TrueDepth system developed by Apple and which is basically a very advanced Kinect.


Another place where an iPhone X has been sighted is the Seoul subway , in Korea. The capital of this country is home to one of Apple’s most powerful competitors, the chaebol Samsung.

Meanwhile, Reddit also has another black iPhone X, which we’ll take a look at below.

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Again we see some photos that come from Instagram collected in the forum and that show the new Apple terminal. In the original video we see a phone number of the Apple security department that some Reddit users have contacted. The language in the photo could be Vietnamese.

Another image we have been able to see is that of this animoji published in Snapchat. It shows the expressions of a user using one of the animojis that promise to spread like wildfire on social networks.

Finally, this photo of a black iPhone X with the CE prints and trash can that appear on the terminals distributed in the European Community . So we have California, Korea, Vietnam, Italy and another undetermined site in Europe as possible locations for these images. It is clear that Apple has distributed iPhone X units all over the world to be tested in different territories and operators.

There are only 17 days left for the opening of the reservations. The iPhone X will start to reach the first users on November 3rd.

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