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iPhone X confirmed to have 3GB of RAM and 2,716mAh of battery

Of course, the undisputed star of last Tuesday, September 12th, was the iPhone X. This terminal which passed by far the most expensive smartphone records in history has given a lot of talk to everything that is related to the Apple community. We’ve already told you once, but now it’s definitely confirmed: the iPhone X will have 3GB of RAM and 2,716mAh in its battery.

Many have always criticized the relatively poor hardware of all Apple products throughout history, from MacBook and iMac computers to iPhone, but we all know that this is not a feature that is as necessary on iOS or macOS as it is on Windows or Android due to the high optimization.

iPhone X confirmed to have 3GB of RAM and 2,716mAh of battery
iPhone X confirmed to have 3GB of RAM and 2,716mAh of battery

As we’ve just told you, Apple operating systems have always led the way in convenience, especially for the workplace, and of course fluidity. For the very high price that the iPhone X will have on its output, more than 1,300 dollars, there are many who think that 3 GB of RAM is going to be short and that 2,716mAh is not enough to keep a smartphone on with so many things running for a long period of time.

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As far as RAM memory is concerned, the apple designed iOS with the purpose of offering the highest optimization in spite of its not so powerful hardware , although in this model it compensates for it with its A11 Bionic processor which makes a fool of anyone we have seen so far and many laptops from the same Californian firm.

The battery is another area that worries and infuriates many. To be honest, the iPhone has never shone too much for its autonomy, but it is not based on quantity when we talk about mAh, but on the way the terminal manages and makes use of it, so 2.716mAh may be all that the smartphone in question needs .

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