iPhone with Bypassed Speaker: How to fix the sound

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With use and the passage of time, some users come to notice that their iPhone’s speaker is muffled or that it doesn’t sound right . The reason behind this problem is usually quite simple and its solution does not require a visit to Apple’s technical support. Let’s see what the reason might be.

iPhone with Bypassed Speaker: How to fix the sound
iPhone with Bypassed Speaker: How to fix the sound

I’m sure your iPhone has been around for a while now. At least long enough to have accumulated dust and dirt in different places. Mainly the audio connector (if it’s an iPhone 6s, SE or earlier) and the one in the Lightning port.

Dirt and dust cause false headphone connections on the iPhone, blocking the speaker

That dirt at first does not generate major problems in the day to day. However, when enough of it accumulates, it can create problems. Among them is an involuntary connection in the headphone port that causes the iPhone to think it’s connected .

As a result, the iPhone’s speaker is cancelled and no sounds are heard through it. Here’s what you can do to fix this:

  • First of all, turn off your iPhone completely by pressing the corresponding button for a few seconds.
  • Look for a wooden stick or a metal clip.
  • Gently insert it into the audio connector of your iPhone and move it smoothly around inside.
  • In this way, the dust and dirt accumulated there over time should be released.

If you use a clip it will be easier to do the operation, but be careful not to scratch or tighten too much so as not to damage the connectors inside. It is not recommended to use an ear swab as it may end up leaving other residue on the connector.

Other options that may work are to insert the headphone jack into the audio jack several times, although this only pushes any obstacles to the bottom . In the end you will have to clean this connector.

Cleaning iPhone ports every year or year and a half is a good way to keep problems away

Obviously, this solution works on those iPhones with a separate audio connector. That’s one less thing to worry about on iPhone 7 and up. Anyway, now that you’re up and running, you can take advantage of cleaning up the Lightning Connector.

As I said in that article, it’s amazing how much dust and dirt can accumulate here. I just cleaned the Lightning connector on my iPhone 7 Plus and am still amazed at the result. It’s clear that if you keep your iPhone in a trouser pocket, the buildup speeds up.

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