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iPhone will be the star gift again this Christmas, as always

With less than a month to go before Christmas, a brand is emerging as the most desired at the foot of our tree and a star product of it: the Apple iPhone . Like every year , Apple continues to be the object of consumer desire and is therefore at the top of the wish lists , followed at some distance by the MacBook.

According to a survey conducted by Piper Jaffray analysts, the undisputed leader is the iPhone , with 7.2% of the total number of people eager to own the Apple smartphone, up from 5.2% the previous year. In second place, but some way off, is Apple’s MacBook, with a 2.1% popularity rating.

iPhone will be the star gift again this Christmas, as always
iPhone will be the star gift again this Christmas, as always

It’s not often you find a computer in the top three, but the recent launch of the new MacBook Pro 2016 models has been the architect of the push.

There is no doubt that technology has a lot of pull among the gifts, but it is quite surprising that these very productive gadgets take the first place to the detriment of other leisure-oriented devices . In fact, after the outstanding leadership of Apple products, we can find the Xbox in third place with a 1.4% share. In other words, game consoles are down to the bronze.

In fourth position and in a generic way are the wearables with 0.9%, which cover numerous wrist gadgets among which is the Apple Watch . A little further down, in fifth place, we return to pure fun with Play Station. Then the list expands to other technological devices such as sports cameras, drones or hoverboards, although fashion also enters the top ten with Michael Kors as the protagonist.

In any case, the loyalty and market share of Apple is simply spectacular, with more than 10% of the total. That is, of every 10 people surveyed, at least one plans to buy an Apple product this Christmas .

As we have already talked about on more than one occasion, the iPhone 7 is selling much more than expected and it is clear that this Christmas will be a good time to increase even more these overwhelming numbers. During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Apple made significant discounts, although not razor sharp in sales as other brands, but according to analysts can not draw conclusions from this fact, since many will acquire Apple products later, without any discount .