iPhone turns 6

The iPhone is six years old today, June 29, 2013. The most famous phone in the entire smartphone world is growing up. It is the most hated and most desired by everyone, the one that is always on everyone’s lips, against which everyone else is always compared. In short, the number one, the first one that dared to mark a new path, a new era: the iPhone

Today is the sixth anniversary of the birth of a legend . Although it was presented on January 9, 2007, it was not until a day like today of this year that it was put on sale, on a historic weekend.

iPhone turns 6
iPhone turns 6

It did not achieve the same sales success or move the masses that an iPhone currently produces at its launch, which year after year breaks records. But it did mark the beginning of a new era at Apple , where the company was opening up to a much larger public and where new foundations were being laid for what was known as a mobile phone until that moment.

He was severely criticized, many predicted his failure and his early death; others even dared to say that he would be as much of a failure as Newton. But this time they were all wrong, this time they all had to follow his trail if they didn’t want to get in the way . Two clear examples were those of Steve Ballmer who laughed saying that Windows Mobile was the best: Windows Phone was born, the other example was Nokia who lived in a world of monopoly with Symbian and who took too long to realize that Symbian had died years ago, so they decided to spend their last breath by allying themselves with Microsoft.

After six months of waiting after his initial presentation, which will be remembered throughout history as one of the most spectacular ever made by Steve Jobs, it was time for people to get their hands on the most desired electronic device of all time .

It was so desired that in spite of its exclusivity in the United States, a monstrous black market of importers was created that made it possible for the bravest to have it in their country . And there were not a few of them here in Spain that, thanks to the primitive jailbreak , could be released and used with any operator.

Those were the words with which Steve Jobs earned the most memorable applause of all his performances , which managed to put an audience in a state of ecstasy that they did not know exactly what they were going to see, but they called it iPhone.

A lot has changed since then. Now the competition has come around and they are somehow ahead of Apple in many ways . Android is a very mature operating system already, which gives a flexibility to many users who do not want to live locked up behind bars that the iPhone offers.

However, there are many others who live happily locked up in this ecosystem that provides the best user experience on the market , and which in turn offers us the best applications we can see on a mobile phone.

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Now comes iOS 7, which will give us a breath of fresh air and put iOS back on top, where it belongs. There has been a lot of criticism and praise from users for Apple’s new system. But let’s not fool ourselves, they have managed to give a facelift to something that was already working, and that can still be used. Everything is still in place , but with a different skin. So what? Your grandmother will still be able to use the iPad. But I’m afraid your father is still looking for the start button in Windows 8.

Now we only have to see if Apple is able to surprise us with the iPhone 6 or if on the contrary we only see a slightly improved model called 5S. In October we will get rid of doubts. For now, happy birthday, iPhone!


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