iPhone SE 2 with glass enclosure – is this finally the design?

The rumors of the launch of a new iPhone SE 2 are on the table and many Apple users are asking Apple for this update that for them is necessary after two years without seeing renewed the smaller but more thugs Cupertino catalog. A new filtering that has been spread in Leaks shows us what could be the housing of this new terminal with a layer of glass that leads us to think about the possible incorporation of induction charging. Will Cupertino’s people have this idea?

Today Leaks has released what appears to be a real iPhone SE 2 case, although we have no knowledge of whether it is real or simply a mount . In spite of this, we’ve noticed that the back of the iPhone SE 2 looks like glass, like the iPhone 8 or iPhone X. This leads us to think that the little Apple would see wireless charging in its future renovation, or at least it would be the most logical thing to do, right?

iPhone SE 2 with glass enclosure – is this finally the design?
iPhone SE 2 with glass enclosure – is this finally the design?

The front is an unknown, not even knowing if the screen will adjust to the edges allowing to have a screen like in the iPhone X, or if it will even incorporate Face ID technology, although this is quite unlikely , since what they are looking for in Cupertino is to lower costs and this would be an extra expense that can be dispensed with by continuing with the Touch ID technology.

Is this image real? That’s the big question we all ask ourselves. With this rumor thing, we can’t rely too much on the truthfulness, obviously. But this n has given you pause for thought as to whether Apple will also go for wireless charging on the iPhone SE or not end up including it. I think it would be the most logical thing to do.


They are going to launch from Cupertino in the next weeks their new AirPower charging base, so the logic is that everything they launch will incorporate wireless charging for the user to buy this base . If only those with an iPhone X or iPhone 8 are going to buy it, what’s the point for Apple?

Apple stands out, among other things, for its marketing strategies. So, I see a totally viable generation of the iPhone SE with this form of charging, because there are not few users who bet on an end with these dimensions but a more than acceptable power.

When will we see this terminal introduced? There are two options: at WWDC 2018 or at September’s Keynote, along with the new iPhone X. The latter is the best time for me to make this presentation.

Let me know in the comment box if you think the iPhone SE will incorporate wireless charging and when you think it will be introduced.

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