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iPhone sales in China increase significantly

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iPhone sales in China increase significantly
iPhone sales in China increase significantly

The good prospects and good initial results in China seem to be coming true for Apple. New sales data, offered this week by CounterPoint Research, reveals that the iPhone 5s is achieving quite remarkable results in China. During the month of October, 12 out of 100 smartphones sold in the Asian country were an iPhone , with the iPhone 5s being the most popular model. This is a considerable figure, especially considering that at the beginning of October Apple’s market share was only 3%.

Driven by this increase in sales in China, the iPhone 5s was the best selling smartphone in the world during this month . Among the data provided by CounterPoint Research it is noteworthy that the second best selling smartphone is the iPhone 5, while the 5c is the fourth best selling. It is significant that users prefer a discontinued model such as the iPhone 5 to a new one such as the 5c which, despite this aspect, cannot be said to be selling badly either, although I certainly do not think it is meeting the expectations created.

It seems that Apple is starting to see the fruits of its efforts in the Asian market , and the trips that Tim Cook has made during this year are starting to show results. All this is waiting to be signed, or announced since many point out that it is already signed, the marketing agreement with China Mobile, the biggest operator in China, which has 700 million users as potential customers.

With this outlook, with the iPhone available to the 3 major Chinese operators, analysts expect a price war between them, which could boost sales of the iPhone 5s, catapulting Apple as the first manufacturer of smartphones in the Asian country .

Tim Cook already said it this year, that China will be in a future the biggest market of Apple , and data like this make us see that the Apple’s CEO was not wrong at all.

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