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iPhone games compatible with the PS4 controller

With the arrival of iOS 13, Apple made it possible to link our PlayStation controller to the iPhone in a really simple way. This opened the door for many games in the App Store to become compatible with these controllers making the user experience much better, assimilating well to play with a traditional console . In this article we make a compilation of the best iPhone games that are compatible with these controllers.

PS4-compatible games from the App Store

Call of Duty: Mobile

DownloadQR-CodeCall of Duty®: MobileDeveloper: Activision Publishing, Inc.Price: Free

iPhone games compatible with the PS4 controller
iPhone games compatible with the PS4 controller

If you’re a fan of shooting and action games, you’ve certainly played CoD once in your life. Now you don’t have to have a console to play this historic saga with your friends, you simply have to have your iPhone in hand to get into a very good experience. To make it even more similar to what we can have on a classic console, Call of Duty Mobil was adapted perfectly to the controls of the PS4 so that we can simply rest our mobile on a surface and enjoy it. The truth is that it is quite amazing how we can play from our mobile device, having available a multitude of maps as well as different game modes.


DownloadQR-CodeFortniteDeveloper: Epic GamesPrice: Free

Everyone knows Fortnite, for better or for worse. Many users spend hours and hours trying to win a game either alone or accompanied by their friends. This game has spread like wildfire across many platforms including the iPhone and is also fully compatible with console controllers. This makes it much fairer to play a simple game, as with the touch controls of the iPhone itself it’s not the most enjoyable experience in the world.

Asphalt 8: Airbone

DownloadQR-CodeAsphalt 8: AirborneDeveloper: GameloftPrice: Free

If you’re a speed freak, this is the game for you. Asphalt 8: Airbone is a racing game that encompasses over 1500 challenges and over 220 cars to choose from. But to fool us, playing this kind of games with the touch controls of our device is not optimal so they have worked on compatibility with the PS4 controllers.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

DownloadQR-CodeGrand Theft Auto: San AndreasDeveloper: Rockstar GamesPrice: 7.99

A classic among classics is undoubtedly the GTA San Andreas we’ve all played at one time or another. Now we can develop this classic story on our iPhone and have good control thanks to the use of a PS4 controller.

Apple Arcade Games

Many games within the Apple Arcade catalog are compatible with console controllers. But some stand out from others.

Way of the Turtle

DownloadQR-CodeWay of the TurtleDeveloper: Illusion LabsPrice: Free

In this charming adventure game, join two turtles on their journey to meet on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere. It’s not such an innocent island at first sight. Cursed by the magic of evil, corrupting elements of the earth by transforming them into monsters and difficult obstacles. However, not everything on the island is against you. Make friends with the native beavers that inhabit the island, who will try to help you in your adventure to return home.

Hot Lava

DownloadQR-CodeHot LavaDeveloper: KleiPrice: Free

Hot Lava takes you back to your childhood imagination. Relive those moments of emotion, joy and chaos. Run, jump, climb and surf in the first person through nostalgic environments flooded with hot molten lava

Oceanhorn 3

If you like the Zelda atmosphere a lot, this is your ideal game. You will have to exploit the world of Gaia with your hero in order to unite all the inhabitants of this land for one purpose. To be able to develop a good battle, it is necessary to have a PS4 controller.

Agent Intercept

DownloadQR-CodeAgent InterceptDeveloper: PikPokPrice: Free

Chase down the bad guys and race against the clock to protect confidential information in your sleek, improved vehicle. Drive, drift and fight in missions that take place in exotic locations.

What do you usually play on your iPhone and your PS4 controller?

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