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iPhone coverage issues, cutting corners

We are not going to discuss here whether or not the iPhone is the perfect smartphone, since I am afraid that such a decision is too closely linked to one’s preferences, so we would enter into an endless discussion. What I have noticed, to my regret, since I have a 3GS, is how slow the terminal is to handle sudden changes in coverage .

iPhone coverage issues, cutting cornersiPhone coverage issues, cutting corners

Now, on my Easter vacation, I’m experiencing an increase in these problems. The coastal town I am in, being embedded at the end of a valley surrounded by mountains, has important areas where coverage is practically zero. After researching in several forums dedicated to the iPhone, and even in the official Apple forum, I have come to the conclusion that is not a hardware problem , but a unique and exclusively software problem .

To do this we will have to use a reset mode which is not recommended to use often , but it is there and will solve these problems for us. Putting the iPhone in airplane mode and taking it out of it may solve many of these problems, but the most reliable is a “hard” system reset .

To do this, press and hold the “Home” button and the power button at the same time for approximately five seconds until the terminal resets. The termination will restart itself and all the problems we were experiencing in coverage will disappear. It is clear that the best solution to these problems should come from Apple, hopefully in next updates of the iPhone OS will come improvements to this aspect .