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iPhone cases with integrated keyboard

Apple’s innovations are not limited to mobile devices, tablets or computers. We have learned that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has registered new cases for the iPad and iPhone. The most elaborate case concept is for the iPhone, where uses advanced magnets to hold it in place while it is upright and even incorporates a keyboard.

The designs differ from the larger models of the iPad case, as they will use a new hinge system to store the iPad upright while the iPhone uses new generation magnets and flexible material to bend the cases into the position that is most suitable for the user .

iPhone cases with integrated keyboard
iPhone cases with integrated keyboard

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Patent history

Computer devices have become increasingly portable as a result of advances in component manufacturing that have produced more compact electronic components . All these portable devices have flat screens that allow viewing digital content in almost any environment and condition.

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In situations where a user may prefer a device to be in a static position for an extended period of time, there may be limited resources to properly position the iPad or iPhone in an upright position to view the screen properly. In addition, certain mounts may be limited to a single upright position, thus limiting the ways in which a user can interact with the mobile device while in the mount.

New invention for iPad

This housing includes configurable cover parts as support for the device. The flexible part is configured to provide a torque that counteracts at least some of the force exerted by the iPad when the cover parts are configured as a stand.

And for the iPhone too

The most interesting thing comes for the iPhone, since we are presented with a type of housing with a keyboard that would be incorporated electrically, with the possibility also to hold it vertically. A revolution, since we are used to the iPhone being a little more portable, although Apple seems to think of all kinds of users.

Considering that this is a patent application, for the moment it is too early to know when we will be able to see these new inventions in the shops, it will probably take some time before this materializes .

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