iPhone Apps to Make Selfies and Share

Apple has opened a new section of the App Store for iOS: Selfies

Apple has added a new section for app promotion on the App Store dedicated to apps that are used for sharing selfies .

For those of you who find the word “selfies” to be totally unfamiliar, I’m sure you’ve seen it or done it at some point in your life. The word selfies could be translated into Spanish as “autofoto”, which consists of taking a self-portrait with a camera , in this case using the iPhone or iPad. It is a practice, as you know, very associated with social networks, and is that it is increasingly common to upload such images on social platforms.

iPhone Apps to Make Selfies and Share
iPhone Apps to Make Selfies and Share

Well, among the new apps included in this new section of the App Store, we can find classics like SnapChat or Shots . Although we also find some applications so far unknown as Facetune , which in a few hours has been placed as the most downloaded app payment of the Spanish store.

The “Selfies” section will appear temporarily on the first page of the App Store and also in iTunes if accessed from a computer . So if you’re thinking about discovering new apps to take fun snapshots of and then publishing them on major social networks , Apple recommends some of the best apps on the App Store.

Here’s a list of the apps featured in the new “Selfies” section of the App Store:


This is a nice application that allows you to take a snapshot with the front camera, another with the back camera of your device and share both in one image.


It’s an application designed for you to take a picture with the front camera of your iPhone every day and have a kind of “history” of yourself. A very curious app, although it requires us to remember to use it every day.


This app needs little introduction, as I imagine many of you will know it. Share all the snapshots you want, how you want, where you want, when you want and without worrying about your privacy. SnapChat doesn’t allow the user who receives your image to store it on their device . Isn’t that great?


Samba offers you a unique video message experience by adding reaction shots.


It’s very similar to EveryDay, created to take a snapshot of your face every day in order to keep a history “of your face”. Unlike the other apps on this list, Close-up also has an iPad version, so you can make your selections from your Apple tablet, too.

Selfie Cam

It’s a great application for sending fun pictures to your friends. You can add effects, text and many more elements to photos taken with the device’s camera to make them unique.


A great app number one in downloads of the Top of Payment apps. It allows you to take snapshots and apply effects and touches worthy of the best professional software. Make the best touches to make your face look like something out of a beauty magazine, as simply as possible.

Also, if you love quality photo apps, you can visit our article on the best photo apps for iOS devices.

These are the recommendations that Apple has made in the new section of the App Store , of course they are not the only ones that exist and if you know others we would like you to leave us a comment saying which one is your favorite.

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