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iPhone and iPad Apps and Games of the Week (19 July 2015)

This week there has been a lot of news in terms of updates and releases of applications and games for iPhone and iPad, from iPadizate we don’t want you to miss the best of these last days.

That’s why in this article we present you the best apps and games of the week of Sunday, July 12, 2015. Many of them are spectacular! So take this opportunity to download the newest and most interesting of the moment on your iPhone or iPad.

Contacts Pad

iPhone and iPad Apps and Games of the Week (19 July 2015)
iPhone and iPad Apps and Games of the Week (19 July 2015)

Contacts Pad is a contact management application through which we can perform actions such as sending messages, starting calls or opening social and instant messaging applications quickly and efficiently.

WC Games

WC Games is an app that offers us 3 classic mini-games that are very fun and specially designed to play from the bathroom. Because, dear friends, who are we kidding? Many of us take our iPhone and iPad to the bathroom almost every day…

Angry Birds Space

This week the Apple App Store has selected Angry Birds Space as a weekly application, and therefore, it is free for a limited time. Maybe this promotion is due to the new release of Angry Birds 2, anyway, it’s a great opportunity to play for free! has arrived at the App Store, the fashionable game, the Internet phenomenon, one of the most viral titles today. Have you tried it yet? Don’t miss it! It’s very addictive!


Godus is a fun and relaxing game in which we can build, shape and create our own civilization. We are talking about one of the most creative and innovative titles on the App Store. Don’t miss our guide to Godus tips and advice on iPadizate.


Xenowerk is an exciting and frenetic shooter for iPhone and iPad with fabulous graphics in which we will have to shoot waves of infected mutants. Super recommended!

Order & Chaos

Order & Chaos Online is an entertaining MMORPG game where you can explore a huge open world and perform all kinds of missions together with thousands of players in a cooperative multiplayer mode.

Tales From Deep Space

Tales From Deep Space is one of this week’s news from the App Store . We are talking about a game with an exciting story and great graphics that will leave no one indifferent.

The Abduction of Bacon at Dawn

Finally, we recommend you a quite entertaining and funny game: The Abduction of Bacon at Dawn. The story is based on the fact that the aliens are abducting the pigs, and our goal will be to save their bacon… mmmm! Can you imagine how much fun that would be?

Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 is one of the best RPG games on the App Store. You can select one of the different types of warriors and improve their weapons, strength, level and special skills . It offers very well designed graphics and a lot of missions to participate in.

These are some of the best iPhone and iPad apps and games we’ve downloaded and tested this week , but I’m sure you know many others. Can you help us complete the list?

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