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iPhone and credit card case

no puedo creer que lo hayan inventado

Well, in fact, the case has a slot in which you can fit all kinds of objects from credit cards, bills or other small items that fit in your wallet, such as business cards or passport photos.

iPhone and credit card case
iPhone and credit card case

The cover is made of polycarbonate and rubber, with the rigid part on the outside and the softer interior providing maximum protection to absorb impacts. The outer slot holds up to 3 credit cards simultaneously.

You will find it on the manufacturer’s website available in 3 colour sets : white-black, grey-black and purple-turquoise for the most daring. The cover is a bit expensive, since is worth almost 40 dollars , however the quality of the manufacturer is out of question, the people of Speck are very good at making covers, proof of this is that in any Apple Store we can find their products.

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