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iPhone and CarPlay Will Allow Remote Control of the Car

CarPlay will allow us to control our car remotely via the iPhone

The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted Tim Cook’s patent No. 8,868,254 for “geo-located accessory control”, which basically turns an iPhone into an advanced remote car when combined with a device or “accessory” with CarPlay or similar.

Popularized by third-party alarm manufacturers (i.e. manufacturers of anti-theft devices) and later adopted by automobile companies, the idea of remotely controlling the basic functions of a car (beyond the door locks) has existed for decades . Some of the earliest systems were created to turn on the built-in engine block heaters in the interior during the winter months, while more modern models can do almost anything.

iPhone and CarPlay Will Allow Remote Control of the Car
iPhone and CarPlay Will Allow Remote Control of the Car

The company’s invention of the apple bite is a way to bring the technology of its devices, more specifically the geo-location capabilities of the iPhone and iPads connected to it, to this type of market. The use of components provided in Apple’s latest portable devices along with the “remote control” system are able to intelligently control and call certain functions of car comfort based on geopositioning.

A function that will bring more security

First, a vehicle accessory capable of connecting to an iPhone, such as a CarPlay unit, determines that a vehicle is parked by sending a first signal in digital or vCard format containing the geographic coordinates and other location information . Bluetooth LE is mentioned as a suitable means of communication, although other methods can also be used for this purpose.

Regarding the reception of the vCard, it should be mentioned that the flagship of a user’s Cupertino generates a virtual geoposition around the car and monitors its own position in relation to the labelled point of the car. By estimating its current location near the geofenced area of the car, an iPhone is able to send appropriate control signals for the accessory at any given time. For example, when a user leaves their car, a signal can be sent to lock the car doors and activate the alarm.

This Apple patent offers options for fairly advanced functionality, perhaps beyond what current geolocation systems are capable of . In the patent, a car can have multiple Geofence boundaries that can come with different car functions. In some cases, one geofence boundary can be set for a car door, another for the hood and another for the boot. Then, when a user wearing one crosses a threshold to the rear of his car, the system can intelligently open the boot , for example.

An idevice can continuously monitor the movement of the user and, through pattern analysis algorithms, send a signal to warm up the interior of the car when it is estimated that a user can get close within five minutes.

As indicated by AppleInsider, to avoid accidents, the rules apply to the control scheme. For example, the accessory may not be able to start the car’s engine until the smartphone user is determined to be sitting in the driver’s seat, something that would avoid quite a few problems. What do you think about the possibility of having this type of function from our iPhone at a distance?

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