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iPhone accessories, ideal for gifts or to be given

Christmas is approaching as an ideal date to give and be given. So, whether it’s for your gift list or to give to a friend or family member, here are five iPhone accessories.

Protection for your iPhone

A case is always a great gift option. There are many types on the market and practically for every type of user. The ones that only protect the back, completely and with a cover or sock type.

  • ThinCase, a really thin case for iPhone 5 so you hardly notice you’re wearing one and it protects the back of the device.
  • Cases for all tastes, those are the ones that our colleague Aitor showed us not long ago and I think that, if you look for one, there you will find one for each type of user. From silicone covers, leather, to protect 100%, etc.

Headphones, to better enjoy your music

iPhone accessories, ideal for gifts or to be giveniPhone accessories, ideal for gifts or to be given

The headphones included with the iPhone, with the exception of the new Earpods, are not to everyone’s liking so other options are sought. However, if you have broken them, you might want to switch. Here are some options.

  • On the one hand, the Earpods, if you haven’t bought the iPhone 5 that incorporates them, are a great option. Their price is only 29 euros and most users who have tried them are happy. Above all because of the quality/price ratio compared to other manufacturers. Besides being able to continue using its control to play songs, modify the volume and even use it as a shutter release with the camera application.
  • If you’re looking for something more comfortable and with a stylish finish, I wouldn’t miss the Sennheiser Momentum. They look great, and you can use them to listen to music on your stereo or computer.
  • If you’re looking for a headset to play sports with your iPhone or iPod, the new products from Sennheiser and Adidas are really interesting. The new Sport range consists of the CX 685, mx 685, ocx 685i, pmx 685i and px 685i. They are not too cheap but not too big, between 39 and 70 euros.

For photography lovers

The iPhone is used by many as the main camera. Whether for street photography, nature walks, etc… Improving the camera and having accessories to take pictures more comfortably always comes in handy.

  • Olloclip, a lens that we have already talked about at Apple and that allows us to get more out of the iPhone’s camera. It offers us a macro lens, fish eyes and wide angle. If you are constantly taking pictures with your Olloclip device, it is more than recommended.
  • Holga Lens Filter, perhaps with the filters that many applications can apply to the photos is not really necessary but if you want to do it in an analogical way this housing with Holga lenses and filters will be a great gift for the most traditional.
  • Glif, a small accessory that allows us to place our iPhone on any tripod. It also allows other functions such as keeping it upright to support it on the table while watching a video, etc… There is also a version for the iPhone 5.

Speaker Bases

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Having external speakers to play the music on our iPhone is always appreciated. They are compatible with Air Play, bluetooth or dock.

  • Logitech Air Speaker, speaker dock with air play option. At Apple, we’ve already analyzed it and found that it more than lived up to its name. A good option although at a price of 349 euros.
  • JBL speaker docks with Lightning connection. If you are looking for a dock through which you can also charge your iPhone 5 or new devices with a Lightning connector, this is a great option. We have the new version of the well-known Onbeat Micro and Onbeat Venua LT.

Apple TV

The Apple TV is a device that not only performs its function independently but is also a great complement to iOS devices. With Apple TV, you can play your videos, music, and photos from your iPhone on your TV.

But thanks to the Display Mirroring feature, we can also use it to play our iOS games on TV. But not all games support Display Mirroring. And it’s always good to know the pros and cons of Apple TV so you don’t feel cheated later.

A gift for everyone

As you can see, I think there are options for all kinds of users. And if you have an iPhone, I’m sure that one of them could be the ideal one for this Christmas. Likewise, there is always the option of giving away some application through iTunes or an iTunes gift card that we can even do through Facebook.

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