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iPhone 9, XS, and XS Plus. The bets of the next releases

The new iPhones that will be presented in a few weeks could already be “baptized” as iPhone 9 , iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus , where prices would be around 700 to 1000 dollars from the start.

In addition, it seems that the dimensions of the screens and some characteristics that would be shared by the three models are also being confirmed. What is most surprising is the name that could accompany the iPhone with an LCD screen, where it would follow the path already marked by the previous terminals, being called iPhone 9.

iPhone 9, XS, and XS Plus. The bets of the next releases
iPhone 9, XS, and XS Plus. The bets of the next releases

According to lesnumeriques, this information would come from a reliable source, where they accompany the publication with a picture clearly showing the three models that Apple could be preparing to present in a few weeks.

iPhone 9, the terminal with the lowest price

Much is being said about this new model with LCD screen , its construction would have premium materials but would lack OLED screen, something that many customers will be grateful to be faithful to the more traditional screens.

The iPhone 9 is being one of the most talked about also because it could offer a lower price and a wider range of colors than the other models. Its starting price could be around the 700 dollars of startup.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus

The current iPhone would arrive with an internal renewal that we still do not have much reliable information about. What does seem to be starting to gain weight are the names adopted, being iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus the ones chosen to differentiate the new models.

Both would have an OLED screen, a glass back, a double lens and presumably the A12 Bionic processor. The starting price could start at 1000 dollars , although it is not specified if it would be for the XS Plus or the XS model. Currently, the iPhone X has a starting price of $999.

What prices do you think the new iPhones could be around?

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