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iPhone 9, iPad Pro and Apple TV details

The iOS 14 version that got 9to5mac last December is proving to be a very interesting source of information. Now the release brings us details of the future iPhone 9, the iPad Pro, AirTags and a new remote control for the Apple TV .

According to the code of iOS 14 it would be confirmed that the future iPad Pro would have a triple lens system. The configuration would be a telephoto, a wide-angle and an ultra-wide-angle camera, plus a time-of-flight sensor . Without a doubt an important change from the single camera mounted on current models.

iPhone 9, iPad Pro and Apple TV details
iPhone 9, iPad Pro and Apple TV details

Remember that thanks to the time of flight sensor, the iPad would take a step forward in terms of augmented reality capabilities . In fact, we have learned that Apple is developing with Starbuks a new application of augmented reality with the aim of showing the full potential of this technology.

In this version of iOS we also find some details of the future iPhone 9 (also known as SE 2) that we have heard so much about these months. The new iPhone would have a Touch ID and would surely be introduced this spring, along with the final version of iOS 13.4, and would be compatible with iOS 14 when it is introduced.

Following the findings, the iOS 14 code also reveals changes in the Apple TV field. In particular the fact that Apple would be developing a new remote control for the device . In addition, let’s remember that this device will be compatible with the training app Apple is working on.

To finish this round of new features, iOS 14 offers some hints of future AirTags. This version confirms the choice of this name and indicates that we can configure them in a group with our iCloud account, avoiding one configuration at a time. It also seems to confirm that the device will have a removable battery. In terms of compatibility, we expect that the newest iPhone models will be able to track AirTags through augmented reality. While on older devices, compatibility would likely be reduced to a sound emission by the AirTag to help us locate it.

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As always, the information obtained from a developing version of iOS, which is also dated December last year, should be taken with some caution. For now, this is information without official confirmation.