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iPhone 8’s FaceTime Camera Would Incorporate 3D Sensors Focused on Facial Recognition

Many are the rumors we’ve been hearing about iPhone 8, Edition, X or whatever its final name is. Today we bring you one of the most recent, related to the front camera of the device.

Here’s a compilation of the most credible rumours about this iPhone 8 that I invite you to read.

Possible unlocking by facial recognition?

iPhone 8’s FaceTime Camera Would Incorporate 3D Sensors Focused on Facial Recognition
iPhone 8’s FaceTime Camera Would Incorporate 3D Sensors Focused on Facial Recognition

Largan Precision is one of the apple company’s current major suppliers. This company is in charge of supplying the camera lenses for the iPhone.

Recently, Adam Lin, CEO of the company, confirmed that they would ship lenses for camera modules with 3D detection capability in the second half of this year, i.e. 2017. The list of companies supplied by Largan Precision is short, so almost all the data points to the possible inclusion of such lenses on the next iPhone.

It is true that the front of the iPhone is more or less similar in all the renders or models that have come to the fore in the last few months, but there is something about this front that differs from some rumors to others, and it is the top part of it, where the front camera and the light and proximity sensors are housed.

iPhone 8 concept without fingerprint sensor on the back

If we listen to the statement made in February by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we should see in September an iPhone with a revolutionary front camera system, consisting of 3 modules that allow 3D detection.

To close the perfect circle that forms this rumor, we must mention the company that acquired the company of the apple in 2013, PrimeSense, known for being the creator of the technology of detection of bodies in 3 dimensions, technology that was used, for example, in one of the most famous peripherals of the XBOX console, we talk about the first generation of Kinect.

Alternative or forced release?

I think, or at least I want to think, that this technology would be adopted by Apple as one more technology, that is, as an alternative to the classic Touch ID and not as a technology that we were forced to use due to the poor implementation of the fingerprint reader, a fact that we have seen recently in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Possible Touch ID on the back of the IPhone

If the latter were to happen, Apple would sincerely disappoint a high percentage of its clientele, since if there is something mythical and recognizable about the iPhone it is its central button; if Apple were not able to implement the Touch ID on the terminal’s own screen, I would lose many followers or, in another case, sales of the new terminal, since the lesser iPhone users like me, would give priority to my iPhone 7 Plus with Touch ID on the front over an iPhone with fingerprint reader on the back.

Source: MacRumors

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