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iPhone 8 would not be ceramic and other rumors of the week


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iPhone 8 would not be ceramic and other rumors of the week
iPhone 8 would not be ceramic and other rumors of the week


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This week has been much calmer as far as rumors are concerned, or rather seen, this issue has returned to normal after a few frantic weeks as far as leaks and speculation are concerned. But do not worry, because we have material to feed the insatiable expectations of the future, and some of them promise.

  • We knew that Apple was doing something around the keyboard and in fact, we suspected that the firm was working on something revolutionary with respect to this device, and the latest moves point in this direction. According to the latest rumour, Cupertino’s firm is considering acquiring a company that makes keyboards with electronic ink.
  • Although what seems closer, once we can finally use Apple Pay is that in the not too distant future we will be able to pay for public transport using the iPhone or the Apple Watch. Bloomberg advances that more and more countries will incorporate this form of payment through the platform of the Californians.
  • And to close this week of rumors, we leave you with one that also has its weight if it is finally confirmed as true: Forbes claims that the iPhone 8 would not be made of ceramic as was speculated at one point when it was discovered that Apple was using this material in the Watch Series 2. Although we already know that Tim Cook’s products have little resistance to engineering and manufacturing difficulties…

If we’ve left something in the inkwell or something goes off our radar, don’t hesitate to share it with us! Happy Sunday.

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