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iPhone 8 would incorporate wireless charging

One of the most important rumours that has been gaining ground over the last few days is the possible incorporation of the wireless charge in all the new iPhone models that would be introduced by Cupertino during this year (most likely in September).

The wireless charging would mark a before and after in iPhone hardware, as it would result in a new, more convenient way to charge our Apple device. It is well known that the company’s R&D department has been developing wireless technology for many years. In addition, many related patents have been registered by the company over the last few years.

iPhone 8 would incorporate wireless charging
iPhone 8 would incorporate wireless charging

At present we find in the market a multitude of wireless charging accessories, although it is worth noting that with respect to these advances there is much to be done to achieve a more effective and rapid technology. Would Apple be the first company to achieve an advanced wireless charging system?

As MacRumors says, there is a good chance that the Californian firm will take the big step this year. A new wireless charge would offer greater possibilities as well as user convenience. In addition, it would give fame to a new system that would be implemented later by most companies in the sector, since Apple’s boost would be crucial for the market to take the step .

Personally, it would be great news if Cupertino’s people incorporated this new system in the next generations of the iPhone , since I personally consider myself a user who hates cables and opts for wireless technologies as an alternative.

Will Apple launch a wireless charging system? If so, what impact will it have on the technology industry?

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