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iPhone 8 will arrive with an Apple Music subscription and free iCloud storage

The launch of the next iPhone is getting closer. This iPhone 8, iPhone 7S, iPhone Edition or whatever it’s called, will be one of the most popular smartphones of this year. The expectations are very high and we hope they won’t let us down, but in the meantime they keep bringing us interesting news about this future device …

Will Apple offer an iPhone 8 + Apple Music + iCloud storage package?

According to the British media, Business Insider UK, Apple is thinking of a way to attract users to buy the most expensive iPhone model . As mentioned above, the next generation of iPhones could come with three different models, at three different prices. Specifically, the most expensive iPhone model, the one most expected by users, could cost a whopping $1000 or £776 (which in euros would be approximately £840, if the conversion is done correctly, although VAT will probably have to be added to this).

iPhone 8 will arrive with an Apple Music subscription and free iCloud storage
iPhone 8 will arrive with an Apple Music subscription and free iCloud storage

The iPhone 8 would be the most expensive model to date, and Apple would be preparing a special pack to attract more users.

Therefore, a better mobile might not be enough incentive to make people decide to use this mobile that would cost as much as an upper-middle range computer. That’s why this $1000 iPhone 8 model could come with one year of Apple Music included. In addition, the pack would come with 200GB for your iCloud account. Remember that the first service mentioned, Apple Music, would be valued at 9.99 euros/month in Spain, while the second, the 200GB of iCloud, would cost 2.99 euros/month. Therefore, taking into account that these services would only be free the first year, we would be saying that Apple is offering services worth approximately 150 ? when buying the next $1000 iPhone.

But of course, Apple is not stupid, and it’s clear why they do this. With this they not only get to sell more devices (profit that in Business Insider they estimate in 1000$ or 776£), but they would be getting new customers for their services . Why? Because after one year with these two free services the users will have become used to using them, and therefore it would cost them more to abandon them. Above all, from my point of view, if a user uses the 200GB of iCloud Drive, it is easy to convince them to renew, because they would have to delete almost all the information they have (as the free plan is 5GB).

iPhone 8 could come along with a year of Apple Music and 200GB for your iCloud account.


This makes it clear that Cupertino isn’t everyone, and the guys in the Big Apple know how to treat users. So, if this pack really exists, the company would be winning by double. They would gain directly by selling more iPhone, but they would also gain indirectly by convincing more users to use their streaming music and cloud storage services.

What do you think? Do you find this “offer” that the Apple guys are supposed to make interesting? Do you think it’s a good business strategy?

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