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iPhone 8 will also mean growth for Apple suppliers

The iPhone 8 will be a reality on September 12th after a long year of rumors, leaks and speculations that have made about this long-awaited terminal. To such an extent that this iPhone model is expected to become one of the best-selling Apple terminals in its history.

Anyway and according to the forecasts all this rumor about the next terminal of the people of Cupertino, has meant nothing but growth for many of the companies that work with Californians in providing them with components of this phone.

iPhone 8 will also mean growth for Apple suppliersiPhone 8 will also mean growth for Apple suppliers

Digitimes has shown that the companies in charge of providing the most basic materials to produce the components of the iPhone, such as the plates of the terminal, expect a growth that will have much to do with the demand that the terminal will have once it goes on sale .

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It cites Wah Lee Industrial and Topco Technologies are two clear examples of this but will also be affected by this growth the companies that will supply Apple with the screens, flash storage or camera lenses that will mount said iPhone 8.

What seems to be quite clear to both industry experts and users alike is that the iPhone 8 will attract a large number of users and that demand for it will reach record levels thanks to all its new features, which will help Apple’s suppliers to grow thanks to this new terminal .