iPhone 8 may include the Smart Connector

Apple podría desarrollar un estuche de carga inalámbrica

Personalmente, creo que este rumor es bastante certero. Sin duda es un nuevo dato para añadir a la lista de rumores sobre el iPhone 8, entre los que destacan la pantalla OLED, mejoras en la resistencia al polvo y al agua, mejor rendimiento y cámara…

iPhone 8 may include the Smart Connector
iPhone 8 may include the Smart Connector

Finalmente nos tocará esperar a conocer el diseño final del conector , ya que puede ser un punto vital para garantizar un correcto o mal funcionamiento de dicha carga inalámbrica, ya que por ejemplo la forma actual de carga del Apple Watch no es la más adecuada.

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It has been a few days since new information about the most eagerly awaited terminal , the next iPhone 8, was leaked. As many of you know, the number 8 is only a guide, as the final name of the next generation of the flagship product in Apple’s catalogue is still unknown.

On this occasion, new information pointed to a new possible connector. Specifically, a Smart Connector would be incorporated into the device.

It should be noted that this connector is compatible with wireless charging . This would make the various sources pointing to a new iPhone with a wireless charging system more accurate.

Let us remember that wireless technology has become one of the main objectives of the Californian firm . For several months now, there has been talk of a major investment in research and development of this technology that would evolve the concept of charging that we have today.

This rumor already appeared before the launch of the current iPhone 7. According to this information, this technology could have been implemented in the seventh version of the terminal. Unfortunately, everything points to the fact that the company itself decided to delay this technology in order to be able to improve it and develop it more optimally .

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