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iPhone 8 may have Touch ID on screen

After the presentation of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, rumors about the iPhone 8 were given the green light, and this time these rumors are fed by a patent obtained by Apple this past Tuesday , according to the American media AppleInsider.

The patent in question is registered with the United States Patent Office under number 9,460,332, for the more curious, and is a capacitive fingerprint sensor with an electrostatic lens. This can only mean one thing: the iPhone 8 will undergo a major design change.

iPhone 8 may have Touch ID on screen
iPhone 8 may have Touch ID on screen

According to the latest iPhone 8 renders, which point to an OLED screen from side to side of the terminal, the home button would no longer exist as such , allowing to shorten the upper and lower frames -which, in the view of the iPhone 7, it lacks-. This would include a capacitive Home button, similar to the one presented in the Xiaomi Mi5S.

The inclusion of this electrostatic sensor would not only mean an advance in design allowing the removal of the physical Home button, or a greater comfort being able to identify our fingerprint from any part of the screen, but it would also mean that would not need direct contact with the screen , being the fingerprint recognizable through gloves or similar. In two words: pure comfort.

Even so, there is still almost a year left for the possible presentation of iPhone 8, so we should take this information with tweezers, including the render, which doesn’t seem credible due to the radical change in design that it would imply. Even more if we consider that the patent presented by Apple yesterday was started in the middle of 2014 , which makes us doubt about its possible implementation in the short term.

And you, do you expect to see this technology on iPhone 8?